11 ways to increase traffic to your business blog

Seventy million new blog posts every month just on WordPress. There is intense competition out there. Content marketing is something that every company and individual in your industry knows. How can you get your work noticed? Is it even worth it?

Do not sell

At the very least, they are not selling. You can tell a mile away if you are selling. Your blog must be intended to entertain, educate, engage, inform, and entertain. Instead of a business pushing through a poorly disguised sales agenda, some people or teams are willing to help with valuable information and insights.

Share 3x

People make the standard error of not sharing their content on social media enough because they don’t want to be a nuisance. This is a mistake since most social media sites don’t show your ads to all your contacts. It’s a good idea to share your content only once.

Offer social proof

This is particularly true if your product or service is sold directly to the public. However, it’s worth considering if you deal with B2B. We love what other people like. This is not a nice side of our personality, but you can embrace or rail against it.

Make Original Content

It’s obvious. It is essential always to have new content. Your blog posts will only get traction if you rewrite what others are saying. But the bigger question is: How do you do it? How can you find new content?

You need to set up the tools to quickly find the right content before it is beaten to death by other bloggers. You will only need to see as much new content if you can get the latest trends and ideas regularly. Most users will notice the difference anyway.

A Red Thread

Your blog must have a central theme. Your blog must have a character or, at the very least, a personality. This will allow you to create an association with your reader: Blog A = Information about Z. This way, your reader will know where to find information about X when needed.

Make videos

Companies focusing solely on text-based articles aren’t aware of how much people love video. Yet, they do.

Five hundred million people watch over 4 billion videos daily, spending 100 million hours.

Promote Content in Blogging Forums

Blogging forums allow members to discuss different aspects of blogging, such as increasing readership and monetizing blogs. These forums encourage members to share their content and interact with one another, much like a Facebook group.

Promote content in Facebook groups.

Facebook offers many groups for bloggers who want to promote their content. Participating in these groups will require you to read and comment on other bloggers’ posts and promote your own blog. You will receive other people’s participation in exchange for your engagement.

Contribute to Industry Blogs with Guest Posts

You can list blogs that cover the same industry as your blog. Reach out to their editorial departments and pitch them a guest article.

Marketing Insider was told by Chris Brantner, founder, and CEO of CutCableToday.com, that “I’ve made myself a name for myself by offering guest contributions on blogs relevant to mine industry,” My site is focused on TV viewing without cable.

Invite experts to guest post for you.

A guest post written by an industry expert on your blog can be as effective as one you write on another’s blog. Your guest blogger may share the post on their social media accounts and link to it on your website. This will allow you to tap into their followers and build links.

Write roundup posts

A roundup is a blog post that contains a list linking to other content. You might write a roundup entitled “My Top Five Favorite Food Blogs.” You can expect them to share your article via their social media accounts or link it to their website.

Your Blog’s Feature Readers

Your blog can be a way to thank your followers and encourage them to return. It also helps to promote your blog. A blog post highlighting the most exciting comments is a great way to showcase readers.

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