9 Digital Marketing Illusions You Must Stop Believing

In some way, we all lie to ourselves. Digital Marketing is no different.

We are now facing the reality that consumers don’t want our banners and don’t need our ads. These could be more helpful.

We also have to face the fact that marketing is of no value. Executives expect us to deliver business outcomes.

Digital Marketing is a harsh industry. We still believe we aren’t good enough. Or we are too good. We may think more in terms of customers than campaigns.

Regardless of the lies we believe, there is a hard truth.

We must commit to customer value in all areas of our company, including marketing.

It is easy to be effective in marketing. It is easy to scale and keep doing it again.

Our customers buy from us because they have had a great experience.

Marketing can bring out the humanity in your company

We waste money not by trying new things but by repeating what we know will fail.

Those are just five truths. There are many more truths. We need to stop and examine the facts. These are nine digital marketing lies that we believe.

I only need a great website.

A great website is an excellent start to digital marketing success. However, it is not enough. Your website must be engaging, relevant, and full of quality content focused on customers.

You must keep your digital marketing plan current and consider how you will attract the right people. This often means publishing outside your website.

I will produce excellent content every day.

This statement is false in two ways. One, it implies that you will produce excellent content consistently. Two, it assumes that it will be made daily. It’s a good thing to set high goals – it’s always a good idea to produce more awesome content.

Robert Rose said, “more content can make you more effective” until it doesn’t.

As often as possible, we must produce high-quality stuff. Recognize where your time, budget, and attention limits are.

Media owns Social Media.

Our social accounts are not ours. They do. They determine how and when your social updates will be seen.

Is your content being shared and read by people? Or what we avoid. Only by sharing engaging content can you get organic social shares.

Do you want to build a following on social media by sharing and following other people’s content? This is the only way you can make the following engaged influencers.

Negative comments are nasty.

An adverse reaction in digital isn’t always bad. Some conversations can be harmful. It’s okay to disagree with people online. Don’t feed the trolls. Negative.

Remember the Mom rules. Remember to be polite, thank others for their help, and treat them the same way. You will then see the potential to handle negative comments.

We are sure to be loved by everyone.

Even if your content is exceptional, you may get a different response from your audience.

Remember that even if they don’t like what you have posted, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in it. It’s effective if you get some response (usually a positive one) that encourages them and encourages them to interact.

Instead of trying to get love, consider the potential reactions to your strategy. Your content could be helpful, thought-provoking, inspiring, funny, relatable, or humorous.

Everyone Will hate us.

Fear of rejection shouldn’t stop you from trying new things or going in other directions. Focus on customer value as long as you have a clear mission. Start with measuring customer engagement as the goal. You will be amazed at the fantastic results of the experiments that you do.

We Must Be on Every Social Media Platform

Digital marketing covers many mediums. It includes blogs, social media platforms, websites, email, etc. It is a challenging job. Different people use different social media platforms to search for other things. Your content might be more relevant depending on which platform you are using.

Don’t get me started about Snapchat.

We need to follow our competitors blindly.

Would you do the same if your competitors leaped off a bridge? Digital marketing is no different. While it is helpful to look at the plans of your competitors, there are better places to end up. Marketing should be tailored to your business. It should not aim to compete with your competitors. Your marketing strategy should be more than just what you know. This is the best way to stay ahead. You don’t have to be an expert on a particular digital marketing strategy to try it.

It’s a good place for a start. However, it’s not the best way to end up. You can do what is best for you.

When they turn right, go left. Your marketing should be tailored to your business. It should also set you apart from your competitors.

SEO Is No Longer Relevant

SEO is becoming more critical than ever. We continue to block more advertisements. Search visitors generate more traffic than all other traffic and leads for many companies.

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