Are you running low on inspiration? Here are some tips to help you generate content ideas for your blog

Every blogger and site owner has been in situations without much to write about. This can be avoided by planning a content strategy. But everyone still finds themselves in this situation.

What can you write about if your editorial plan still needs to be updated? This list contains content ideas.

Ideas for ready-made content

Write an article about the pros and cons of each format. For example, if you are a tire seller, write “For and against studded tires in winter.”

You are selecting from past materials. You can choose based on time, topic, author, or popularity. You can create a list by author, subject, popularity, etc. For example, the “Top 5 Articles of December” or the “10 most useful material for the business”. One can quickly get the statistics from Google Analytics. Then, you can publish your thoughts about the subject. You don’t even need to use analytical services. Instead, you can create a list that suits your needs.

Use the “Behind-the-Scenes” format. Show your audience how you operate. Make a video, take a photo report, and write text.

Make a list of your favorite tools. The public should know which apps and services you use most often at work.

Have you already published your tool choice? No problem. You can take one and review it in detail. How many are there on the list?

Post about the case study. Open a web analytics program and assess metrics about site effectiveness—the dynamics of the site over six months.

Guest post. As a promotion, getting external experts to your blog is easy.

Interview. Talk with your top specialist, for example.

Photo report. Photo report.

Make a list with jokes about your industry. People love to laugh, so make sure to include them.

A compilation of materials that were published in the past. Connect a piece of May paper with a fragment from July. Mix April quotes with it to create new content in an engaging pitch.

Comment on a Youtube video about your business. Comments like “it isn’t right” and “Here’s why …’ are more successful than neutral or positive.

Tell a story about your client. Write a story about your client.

Some articles may need to be updated. Certain materials on your blog need to be refreshed.

Tell a story about your profession. Tell the audience about the tailors if you are selling dresses. Explain how to locate a skilled specialist.

Glossary and explanation of terms. Create the Industry Dictionary. In a separate post, you can explain the meanings of certain words. If you offer SEO services, explain what keyword cannibalization and trust rank are.

Make infographics. People love to learn information through pictures. Make an infographic from any materials you have previously published. Canva is my favorite app for this type of thing.

Followers who post. Your industry’s influencers should be described, and links provided for your audience to connect with them via their blogs, social media, events, or other channels.

Write an SAQ Post – The Should Ask Question Post. This is a question prospects and customers don’t ask, but they should. You can write an article about what questions to ask if you sell used cars.

FAQ Post. Write a detailed response to questions your customers ask. You’ll learn to identify the urgent and pressing topics your audience is most interested in.

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