Expert CSR Predictions 2017

How we look at products and services has changed as millennials take over the workforce and consumer markets.

Consumers today are more cautious, careful, and educated about how and where they spend their hard-earned cash. To retain customers, successful brands seek greater transparency and accountability. They also demonstrate responsibility to the communities they serve and the environment in which they live.

CSR trends change rapidly as we enter 2017. Innovative companies will be able to adapt not only to keep up but also thrive. 11 experts were asked to comment on these emerging trends and offer their insights on CSR for 2017.

Tyler B utler

Founder and Principal of 11Eleven Consulting. Former Director of CSR for GoDaddy.

In 2017, you can expect larger-scale campaigns that use company products to benefit their local communities. Subaru’s Drive, the Love Campaign, is a great example. The campaign includes a $250 donation to a select charity with every Subaru purchase. It also features the famous song Put A Little Love in Your Heart. Companies will be more conscious of CSR and sharing the profits from their products and services to create a positive brand image and improve the world. Toms Shoes and People Water are just a few other companies that have paid it forward based on customer purchases.

Expect to see increased employee activation. Employers now see the potential to increase their philanthropic efforts by empowering them. There are many ways to mobilize an army of sound, whether through volunteering, matching donations, or volunteer grants. Timberland is an excellent example of a company that gives employees time off to volunteerism. The company gives their employees 40 hours per year to volunteer. In the past, this was the norm. However, companies now see these programs as a way to recruit millennials and are enhancing them.

You can expect to see industry-wide initiatives like the TechForce Foundations. The foundation brings together transportation giants like Shell, Carquest, and Shell to tackle the shortage of transportation tech talent severely impacting their industry. FutureTech Success will be launched in 2017 and will highlight the best of the joining forces. Iridescent Learning and Skills USA will bring in education leaders to help increase the impact and provide a complete experience for youth through hands-on activities and challenges at home. The US needs more qualified, educated, and trained transportation techs. This could lead to a severe economic crisis.

2017 will see cause-marketing campaigns continue to be a popular trend. This marketing strategy was demonstrated by the Zappos campaign “Home for the Pawlidays.” It covered the adoption fee for any pet adopted from an ASPCA shelter within a predetermined period. This campaign raised awareness about pet overpopulation and earned Zappos positive sentiment. It also helped shelters across the US during harsh winters when surrender rates were high.

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