How to Create a Meaningful Brand Online

A recent analysis by Meaningful Brands looked at content marketing efforts across the globe. It covered 1,500 brands from 15 industries and revealed a grim reality about digital marketing: 60% of all content is not performing. Consumers consider this content insignificant and serve the sad purpose of increasing the amount of clutter on the internet.

Content marketing is a powerful tool. It’s easy to see the benefits of well-written, relevant, and optimized content that tells a brand’s story. It can be more than eye-catching and entertaining if done right. It gives the consumer a sense of belonging.

Content, on the other side, could be better. Content needs to be more capable of creating the necessary bridge with consumers, generating leads, or building long-term customer relationships. Your marketing offers nothing unique or adds value to people’s lives. Consumers will only be interested in something other than your brand. Most people wouldn’t notice if three-quarters of all brands were gone.

Take a look at companies such as Google, Ikea, and Wikipedia. We would all be disappointed if they went away. They provide too much value and benefits to many of our modern society. They are instrumental and almost essential because of the high-quality products that they offer to their users.

Marketers should always ask the following questions: Would people be disappointed if my brand disappeared from the face of the Earth?

Today’s Consumers Expect More From Marketers

It needs to be clarified if the chicken or egg was first. Or if brands evolved to be more relevant to consumers’ expectations.

Consumers today expect a lot. 75% expect brands to improve their well-being. This is what marketers who understand this can do to increase their business’ revenue. The stock market has outperformed companies that rank high in Meaningful Brands by 206% in the past decade.

What is it precisely that consumers want? According to the Edelman Brand Relationship Index 2016, consumers have high expectations.

Richard EdelmanĀ is the president and CEO at Edelman. He believes more profound expectations offer businesses a tremendous opportunity and can help shape a future consumer-brand relationship. The study shows that when a consumer shifts from a relationship rooted firmly in’ to one powered by ‘we,’ a new world opens up for brands in buying and advocacy.

Denny’s quirky, charming Instagram photos combine captivating visuals with a humorous personality. This is the kind of energy everyone enjoys being around. The marketing style is even more potent than its messaging. It offers a simple, down-to-earth value system that breaks from modern high-stress lives. That’s what makes it valuable!

It would help if you were inspired to conquer the world. Or maybe you want to put on your Nike for a run. Nike is a leader in motivational messaging. This has been a tradition for Nike for decades. It encourages millions to keep their routines up and empowers them with Nike activewear.

To make your online marketing meaningful and effective, ensure that each piece of content you create has a purpose. This meaning must be consistent across all content. Denny’s, for example, would lose its effectiveness if it tried to publish a series of blog posts about heart health. This would not only benefit the consumers but also serve the purpose of discrediting their brand. The soul is not the only thing that heaps of pancakes or bottomless coffee don’t do.

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