How to Get Better B2B Marketing Leads without Spending Money

Many B2Bs need help in obtaining qualified leads for their B2B marketing campaigns. Their sales and marketing teams need to work together.

The two groups’ main disagreement is over who or what makes an “ideal” B2B market lead. Marketing blames sales for failing to provide accurate information for sourcing, while marketing blames marketing.

Sales teams often need to be more satisfied with their marketing department. Some may buy third-party B2B marketing lead lists or databases rather than dealing with their counterparts. This is a risky decision. These purchased lists and databases can be full of discrepancies or need to be updated. Sales teams often spend more time trying to find leads than they should. It’s a waste of time and money!

There are many better ways to get B2B leads. The best way to get B2B marketing leads is without breaking the bank and increasing your company’s sales revenue.

Marketing and sales can’t just be friends.

We are well into the 21st century, and sales and marketing professionals still fight it like cats or dogs. This is unnecessary.

One, the internet has changed how businesses market and sell their products. Online marketing and social selling have blurred the lines between these two groups.

Sales and marketing teams share similar goals regarding lead generation, conversion, and all other aspects of their work. What sales teams do with their B2B leads is the main difference.

Online marketing is on the rise.

The internet has also allowed key decision-makers to search and select the companies they would like to do business with. As the online market heats up, so does the sales and marketing divide. This includes social media marketing.

Mixed results were found in some studies and surveys regarding B2B marketing and how it impacts company buyers’ purchasing behaviors. B2B social media marketing was less successful than companies believed it three years ago.

Even then, it was clear that online marketing does not increase vendor awareness. Even though more executives are making their purchases online, it is still essential that the marketing department provides qualified leads for their sales teams.

However, social media marketing still influences B2B buying decisions. Mark Kovac wrote in a Harvard Business Review article titled “Social Media Works For B2B Sales Too”.

As I have mentioned, the sales and marketing teams’ goals regarding lead generation are similar. The likelihood of obtaining qualified leads for B2B marketing should rise if the two groups work together and communicate openly. This all leads to better company performance.

Conducting your due diligence before purchasing third-party databases or lists is a good idea. It is impossible to create a perfect B2B marketing lead list, particularly one targeted to your industry.

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