If your content isn’t customer-focused, it’s not making an impact

Dear marketing professional: Meet your new boss. Your customer.

Top marketers today use content marketing to engage with consumers rather than persuade them.

Customers are five times more likely to purchase from a business that offers a great customer experience. Every interaction with the customer should be smooth, positive, and fluid. This includes visiting your website to learn more about your brand and purchasing.

How can you put your customer first? How can you ensure that your message evokes the feelings of belonging, appreciation, and inspiration you want your customers to feel every time they visit your website or open an email from you? Your audience will enjoy the content you create.

Customers-centric businesses are 60% more successful than those still driving brand-focused strategies. It is vital to provide value-driven content if you want your business to be competitive. If your inbound marketing is executed well, it will not only generate more leads. It will build lasting relationships with your customers.

This is the heart of great marketing. On average, repeat customers spend 67% less than new customers.

What can you do to make sure your digital content is a hit with your audience?

Know your Buyers and Your Old College Roommate

Pay attention, pay attention, and then observe, dig, and repeat. To find out what your industry’s customers say about their pain points, you can read what they say on social media. When someone visits your site or makes a purchase, ask them to complete customer surveys. You can read customer reviews about your business and those of your competitors.

It is essential to get to know your customers like a friend. You will be able to anticipate their needs and recognize their preferences. You need to understand their goals for your brand and what they value most (quality customer service, cutting-edge style, customer support).

If you can identify your audience’s needs, create how-to videos and white papers on YouTube. You will know what your next campaign should focus on if consumers rave about your competitor’s quality.

You will know your buyer personas better if you can create content that is perfectly tailored to them. Guess what? And guess what? They’ll be more likely to respond to your content if they find it engaging.

Establish an emotional attachment.

A brand that consumers feel an emotional connection with will have a higher affinity. 31% of solely dynamic advertising campaigns were the most effective out of 1,400. Only 16% of the movements were effective if they were purely rational. Combination campaigns were 26% more effective.

Families more trust brands that show concern and care.

The 20-something generation wants to feel involved and excited. Your next campaign should feel like a social movement. See what kind of reactions you get.

A study of human emotion revealed that the basis of our feeling spectrum is four basic emotions.

Happiness/joy/serenity – which encourages sharing

Sadness promotes empathy, connectedness, and compassion

Fear/surprise can cause bonding

Anger can cause stubbornness as well as energy and action.

These guidelines can be used to encourage emotion in your content. This will increase customer response and leave a lasting impression.

Make relationship building and gratitude a priority for your brand.

The shift from brand-centric to customer-centric is driven by the evolution of customer relationships from me and ‘them to ‘we.’ Customers will feel more connected to your brand and be more loyal customers.

Customer service excellence, thoughtful email marketing, and social media marketing can strengthen the relationship between buyer and brand.

Whole Foods is a master at building relationships by posting content on social media that makes its followers feel like friends.

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