Increasing email and/or message effectiveness.

You almost need to be a professional copywriter to achieve ‘break through” with your emails and other messages (web pages, blogs, etc.).

The words used to contain your message have to have impact. The way you describe your product/service and its benefits are the key to the success of your organisation.

Written communication may be the only contact you have with most of your customers or clients. You have to maximise the opportunity, remembering that many people are in a hurry. You need to gain their attention quickly.

Writing in a newspaper/magazine style can sometimes help. This means putting the key information first, sometimes in a summary form. This is how journalists write. You read the key information, even if you do not go as far as the end of the article.

Your content should:

  • Have an effective, attention grabbing headline that immediately creates interest.
  • Quickly draw the reader in with exciting benefits and values that encourage interest – WIFM (What is in It For Me).
  • Establish your credibility by creating confidence and trust – be professional, using good .
  • Describe the benefits of your product or service and explain why your visitors need it.
  • Provide clear statements about the action required, e.g. “Click here to subscribe to our free newsletter”.

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