Step-By-Step Guide to Making Your Next Event’s Livestreaming Video a Success

Livestreaming can significantly increase interest in your brand before, during, and after an event. This expands your reach and removes the time and space barriers. Anybody can see it live, no matter where they are located. Or, they can check out the recorded video later if they have the time.

Livestreamed videos can help you create momentum by making announcements about the event and letting people know when they can tune in. You could also share footage from pre-events.

This encourages social networking between attendees and viewers during the live event. After the event, you will have valuable content on your website. This content can be a jumping-off point for many social media posts.

There is more to the value potential than that. 30% of those who have viewed your live-streamed event will likely attend next year.

This strategy and 77% of B2B marketing professionals are available to you. All you need to do is know how to use your event video.

Build Your Audience

Promoting your video well in advance is critical to getting the best results. This will allow people to make time for your video.

You’ve probably already promoted your event via your social media channels, either on your brand’s pages or separately. A general rule of thumb in event marketing is to make an omnichannel announcement of your live-streaming event a month prior. This will list the time and what viewers should do.

Send emails to all leads you have in your database.

For live streaming, create a hashtag.

Spread the word on social media with a professional-looking, branded announcement.

HootSuite is an excellent tool for managing reminders and updating information about live-streaming video events.

You can create a contact list using your email marketing software to target only those who have expressed an interest. This will allow you to avoid spamming people who might not be interested. To capture valuable target market data, you can set up a landing page for RSVPs on your website. This landing page can also download the video after the event.

Get enticed by a teaser.

You can create a trailer to promote your live-streamed video on social media. This will help you capture more attention. You can include quotes from speakers, footage from the event team, or footage from last year.

You can also use behind-the-scenes footage to show your team working on the event. A behind-the-scenes look is more appealing to viewers. Research shows that 87% of viewers prefer to watch online television over traditional TV viewing if the behind-the-scenes video is included.

This video should have the goal of enticing viewers to watch it. It should answer the question, “Why watch/attend?” Highlight the most inspiring, profound, and beautiful pearls of wisdom. Your event should make people feel like the universe’s secrets will be revealed to them.

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