Weekend Reading: “KNOWN” by Mark Schaefer

For theĀ 113th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Mark Schaefer. Mark Schaefer is the author of “KNOWN”: The handbook to building and unleashing your digital brand.

It is an advantage to be well-known in your field. The best jobs and invitations are given to those who are famous.

Can anyone become famous? Mark Schaefer’s fifth book outlines the steps successful people take in various careers, including banking, education, and real estate.

Schafer introduces in the book the concept of “equity and influence.”

A new paradigm of power is emerging… I call it the “equity in influence.”

What does this mean? These are the symbols of power and influence in a traditional office job.

It doesn’t matter what your title is on the internet. Nobody cares about your title. Nobody knows how tall or wealthy you are or what kind of family you were born into. It doesn’t matter.

It is the internet’s only thing that matters today. It is this.

To be known.

This book is all about that. By helping you become more known, I want to help you live a more impactful, powerful, and rewarding lifestyle.

It might seem impossible to imagine yourself as a leader in your field. It’s not.

March Madness is designed so that the number one seed, the favorite teams, have the easiest path to reach the Final Four. Underdogs are at even greater risk because of this. However, when an underdog wins, it is even more motivating.

In 2012, the largest tournament upset in history was when Missouri, a number two seed, was knocked out by Norfolk State. Missouri was 21.5 points ahead of Missouri, a massive advantage in a March Madness match.

Assists are as important in basketball as the baskets. All five of your teammates must touch the ball to make the best plays. A play can collapse if a team member loses focus or isn’t at the right moment.

These principles are critical to your success in business. Your team’s “assists,” such as a well-designed website, good copywriting, and efficient account management, should be celebrated as much as their “scores,” such as closing large deals or securing significant investors. Remind your team regularly that everyone has a role and you can only succeed with them all.

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