Weekend Reading: “Predictable Prospecting” by Marylou Tyler

Marylou Tyler, coauthor of “Predictable prospecting: How To Radically Increase Your B2B Business Sales Pipeline,” was interviewed for theĀ 114th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast.

Marylou Tyler and Aaron Ross are the coauthors of “Predictable Income,” the best-selling book. “Predictable revenue” is considered Silicon Valley’s most popular sales book.

“Predictable Prospecting” takes the tactical elements from “Predictable Revenue” but adds field-tested details that show exactly how to create and run a successful outbound prospecting campaign.

Why should marketers read a book on prospecting? Why shouldn’t sales do this?

According to a SiriusDecisions study, companies with sales and marketing aligned experience 19% higher growth and 15% greater profits. This is why marketers who understand every aspect of the sales funnel and how revenue is generated are highly sought after.

The beauty and power of the internet are that it caters to everyone’s needs.

Netflix strives to make a seamless experience and deliver the right content to people at the right time.

Mindshare’s 2017 Trends Report highlights the rise in personalized economics. Content tailored to individualistic needs (e.g., a recipe or trip recommendation) will be the best.

Four out of five consumers desire content personalization. This is The Balance Act: Personalization right. ‘

Personalization strategies can have positive results. McKinsey analysis has shown that personalized marketing can boost sales by as much as 10%.

Let’s look at some personalization strategies.

1 In-line messaging

The question here is: What and where? You can personalize your message by mapping it to the audience’s needs and creating a messaging strategy.

The description should match the content. It should be consistent with the content.

2 Demographic Targeting

You must first determine basic demographic information like gender, age, and whereabouts.

Identifying the right customers is the best way to find them. Test it, so your target audience finds the information valuable and appealing enough to click through.

3) Retargeting

Customers abandon websites in minutes and forget about them soon after. Website visitors who are retargeted have 70% higher conversion rates.

Target customers that have visited product pages several times or added products to their cart. You may also send reminder emails to remind them to act.

4) On-site personalization

Automation is here to save the day. Automation provides customers with the most relevant content to make the buying experience more enjoyable.

Customers who return to Amazon.com are reminded of products they have previously looked at and offer other products. As you look at the other products, it suggests products you might like to promote.

5) Analytics

Data is essential to gain customer insight.

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